92. Glastechnische Tagung 2018 in Bayreuth

92nd Annual Meeting of the German Society of Glass Technology
in Conjunction with the Annual Meetings of the
Czech Glass Society & the Slovak Glass Society

Termin der DGG-Tagung in Bayreuth: 28. – 30. Mai 2018


Beiträge aus der Professur für Glas und Glastechnologie

M.Sc. Raschid Al-Mukadam
Nucleation kinetics of lithium disilicate glasses received by cooling with different rates

M.Sc. Laura Briese
Synthesis of nickel and cobalt metal nano-particles in silicate glasses via redox-reaction

M.Sc. Daniel Hart
Cooling rate determination of a granulated blast furnace slag

B.Sc. Inga Katharina Götz
Effect of Y, Al and Er doping on the crystal structure of sol-gel derived hafnia thin films

M.Sc. Philipe Kiefer
Subcritical crack growth in water bearing soda-lime silicate glasses

M.Sc. Philipe Kiefer
Statistical analysis of Vickers induced subcritical crack growth in soda-lime silicate glasses

M.Sc. Thorben Welter
Silicate glass structures with low hydrogen permeability

M.Sc. Alessio Zandona
Influence of increasing TiO2 doping on the crystallization sequence in cordierite glass-ceramics

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