PNCS-ESG Conference 2018 in Saint Malo/Fr.

15th International Conference on the Physics of Non-Crystalline Solids

14th ESG Conference (European Society of Glass)

Termin der ESG-Tagung in Saint Malo: 09. – 13. Juli 2018

Tagungsort: Le Grand Large

Beiträge aus der Professur für Glas und Glastechnologie

M.Sc. Raschid Al-Mukadam
Nucleation kinetics of lithium disilicate glasses undercooled at various speeds

M.Sc. Laura Briese
Redox-induced precipitation of nickel and cobalt metal nano-particles in silicate glasses

M.Sc. Daniel Hart
How to determine the cooling rate of a blast furnace slag

Dr. Gundula Helsch
Quartz inversion temperatures of LAS solid solutions of sol-gel derived glasses

B.Sc. Inga Katharina Götz
Thin film crystallization of Y and Er doped sol-gel derived hafnia

M.Sc. Philipe Kiefer
Statistical analysis of subcritical crack growth in water bearing soda-lime silicate glasses

Rodrigo Cardoso dos Passos
Compositional effects on the rheology of glass particle suspensions

M.Sc. Thorben Welter
Silicate glass structures with low hydrogen permeability

M.Sc. Alessio Zandona
Crystallization and ordering process in stoichiometric cordierite glass-ceramics with TiO2 as nucleating agent



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